Partially Sighted and Visual Acuity

Magnification, the use of high contrast text and alternative background colours may be important to many users with visual impairments. The way contents are laid out and reflow when zoomed also affects ease of reading. Too much clutter on a page can also also cause overlapping of content. Screen-reading may also be used as scrolling horizontally when text is very large can be very tiring. Further advice from UW-Madison with a video on Screen Magnification and the Web.

Top Ten Products

These products scored highest in the Relevant Tests for this disability.

Score Product
100% Anobii
100% Gmail
96% Flickr
96% Google Scholar
96% Microsoft OneDrive (was Live SkyDrive)
96% mynoteIT
96% Outlook Web App
96% Yahoo Answers
95% Blio 3.3 for iPad (iOS 5 and 6)
94% Amazon