For those with dexterity difficulties and strain injuries, the mouse and even the keyboard can be difficult to use, along with other input devices, so it is important to have alternative options for navigating around a website. If the features are available via a few select keys on the keyboard it is usually possible to design other input devices to work with these web pages, which can help those with severe mobility difficulties. There is also the option of speech recognition which can depend on a good use of headings in the web page design. Simple clear layout design also remains vital for all users with a logical tabbing order. Further advice from WebAIM Motor Disabilities.

Top Ten Products

These products scored highest in the Relevant Tests for this disability.

Score Product
100% Diigo WebSlides
100% Tiddlywiki
96% Amazon
96% Dropbox
95% Blio 3.3 for iPad (iOS 5 and 6)
95% Skype
92% 21Classes - Failed to link to website (17/10/2014)
92% Flickr
92% Google Scholar
92% Khan Academy