3 · Link Target Definitions

Web 2.0 Services

Where links are used for menus and navigation or to send users to a different site or area on the page the text for all links needs to be understandable when used without a surrounding sentence or button. Navigation elements, such as buttons, should have the correct role assigned to them. Alternative navigation elements, such as a breadcrumb trail, sitemap or search facility are beneficial. Use of link target icons should be consistent, familiar and labelled appropriately to be fully accessible.


This test has 4 possible outcomes.

0% Non-defined links such as 'click here' or just 'download'. Icon or button links fail to indicate activation
33% Non-defined links such as 'click here' or just 'download', but with explanatory title attributes.
67% Most links understandable or provided in sentences. May have some duplicates. Button or icon links also have accessible names.
100% Embedded links fully appropriate and all interactive elements have accessible names.


The results of this test are taken into account when calculating accessibility scores for the following disabilities.


The following technique may come in handy when running this test.


This test aims to provide coverage of the following sections of best practice.

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