Review of Google+

Google+ Reviewed 17 May 2012 · Average score 55%


The site has keyboard access issues, it has lots of missing lables and alts in forms, and failed with text access mode. These will affect screen reader users. The layout and zooming were good, the site was easy to ready.

Detailed Results

# Test Outcome Notes
1 Login, Signup and Other Forms Accessible 100% the forms were fully accessible for screen reader users, CAPTCHA alternative offered.
2 Image ALT Attributes 0% There were many images without 'alt-tag' or text alternative.
3 Link Target Definitions 67% Some non-critical links may seem ambiguous. .
4 Frame Titles and Layout 0% The frames does impact on layout, many sections of the site could not be used with text only view.
5 Removal of Stylesheet 33% Without the stylesheet, large sections of the site are unusable or lost of functions.
6 Audio/Video Features 67% The site uses YouTube for the embedded media, therefore it is posible to add text transcripts and captioning.
7 Video/animations - audio descriptions 67% The site uses YouTube for the embedded media, therefore it is posible to add audio descriptions.
8 Appropriate use of Tables 100% Tables are not used for the design of this website.
9 Tab Orderings Correct and Logical 0% Tab order is not in a logical, jumping from one area to another, and failed to reach some of the areas.
10 Page Functionality with Keyboard 33% The website can not be fully accessed without the use of a mouse as there are areas that can't be reached by keyboard only.
11 Accessibility of Text Editors 100% The site has no rich text editor.
12 Appropriate Feedback with Forms 100% The product provides suitable feedback when the user performs an action.
13 Contrast and Colour Check 0% Site using a lot of grey text amd images on white background, which may be hard to read for some users. It failed the Juicy Studio colour contrast test.
14 Page Integrity when Zooming 100% The website maintains the layout when zoomed,.
15 Text size, style, blinking elements and Readability 67% clear layout, easy to read but some grey text.