Review of Stanza 3.2 for iPad (iOS 5 and 6)

Stanza 3.2 for iPad (iOS 5 and 6) Reviewed 12 Sep 2012 · Average score 75%


The app is easy to use and offers a high degree of personalisation. It works well with VoiceOver for continuous reading, but there can be some issues with tables, graphics and selecting pages to read. Sadly <a href=<a href="">Amazon will not be updating the app</a>

Detailed Results

# Test Outcome Notes
16 Built in accessibility checks 100% Stanza works with VoiceOver and Zoom plus other built in accessibility options but usual gestures change and there are some issues with smooth reading through the chapters.
17 Application works with External Assistive Technologies 67% Switch, keyboard and braille device access to the device is possible and this allows general control. Page turning is an issue and reading freely from chapter to chapter seems to be an issue.
18 Text or other alternatives for image elements. 67% This very much depended on whether the images were correctly tagged.
19 Keyboard / Alternative input with focus 67% The iPad is gesture controlled but switch, keyboard and braille device access to the device is possible and this allows general control.
20 Labels for objects, fields or controls 100% Main menu items are read correctly with VoiceOver.
21 Audio alerts have visual cues 0% Audio alerts are provided for the Ipad but there are no vibration alerts to show sounds.
22 Alternatives for Video / Animation 100% Stanza does not have multimedia events.
23 Media events offer user control 67% The controls when using VoiceOver are sometimes hard to reach and page changing does not seem possible via the page control bar.
24 Textual Information for screen reader 67% The text in accessible books is accessible using VoiceOver but it is continuous reading and tends to start at the top of the page when the screen is tapped.
25 Keyboard shortcut keys offered 67% The iPad is gesture controlled and <a href=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\">AxS Lab have a list for those using VoiceOver in iOS 5</a>.
26 Save user preferences for style and zoom 100% It is possible to zoom in Stanza using the built in options as well as the app enlarged font options.
27 Timed events can be altered 100% There are no timed events in Stanza.
28 Change colours and contrast 100% There is very easy access to high contrast mode in the ebooks as well as other themes with a wide selection of colour options and text changes.
29 Uniform and standardised presentation 100% The app follows the Apple look and feel.
30 Documentation 33% There is an online information page and FAQ site built in but it is not monitored by Stanza and there are many forums and messages about issues that arise with app.