Review of Evernote

Evernote Reviewed 15 Jul 2014 · Average score 62%


Evernote as an app may be more accessible than the web service which has many issues especially not being able to add alt text to images as they are uploaded, poor contrast for tags and zooming breaks layout quite quickly.

Detailed Results

# Test Outcome Notes
1 Login, Signup and Other Forms Accessible 67% Keyboard access/tabbing works logically. No CAPTCHA when registering. Form controls/fields do not appear to have corresponding labels (WAVE), but could be read using NVDA.
2 Image ALT Attributes 0% Some images on the main page do not have Alt attributes. However, they are mostly for decoration. (WAVE) However, any uploaded images have long file names and no way of adding alternative text.
3 Link Target Definitions 100% Most links are understandable and fully appropriate. No duplicates are mentioned (WebbIE).
4 Frame Titles and Layout 67% Most frames are not titled, but do not affect the layout. Firefox - AE tool, IE - WAT.
5 Removal of Stylesheet 67% The content and navigation are accessible and very structured. However, a large number of input fields appear which may cause confusion. (GC- web tool, WAVE).
6 Audio/Video Features 100% Videos cannot be uploaded, however, you can include a video player, e.g. YouTube.
7 Video/animations - audio descriptions 100% Videos cannot be uploaded, however, you can include a video player, e.g. YouTube.
8 Appropriate use of Tables 67% Tables are used within a page layout, but without headers. However, they do not impact on screen reader. GC - Web Developer Tool, Mozilla - AE Tool.
9 Tab Orderings Correct and Logical 100% Generally good tab order with "skip to content" links.
10 Page Functionality with Keyboard 33% As you tab in IE, Chrome and Firefox highlighting appears to be limited to the top main menu items. The links are read by NVDA but once in the content page it is hard to see where one is going.
11 Accessibility of Text Editors 0% It is hard to reach the edit note form which is built using TinyMCE so has good menu controls. However, there is no HTML version which is often more accessible. .
12 Appropriate Feedback with Forms 100% Clear, appropriate feedback is provided next to the form controls. No time constraints.
13 Contrast and Colour Check 33% Colour contrast on the website is generally good until you try to read your collection of tags which are grey on grey. It should be noted that these change depending on the operating system and can be altered by using the built in contrast changes.
14 Page Integrity when Zooming 33% Readability becomes harder as the zooming beyond 200% impacts on layout and tags. User OS magnification or zoom will be required for easier navigation.
15 Text size, style, blinking elements and Readability 67% Text is generally 12pt, not always sans-serif font. There is no flashing or blinking content.