Review a Product

This process will allow you to create an accessibility review for the Product of your choice. Your submissions will be validated and added to the Web2Access site. If you want to run a review in private, take a look at the testing forms on our testing page.

Let's begin by finding out what you are reviewing. Select a Platform, then choose an existing Product or create a new one.

If you are reviewing a Product that runs in a browser, choose Web 2.0 Service. If your product installs and runs on your computer, choose Application.

We accept reviews for Web 2.0 Services on the basis that:

  • They allow interactions between users of the service.
  • They offer the service for free; not just a free trial.
  • They do not require download and installation of any other components.
  • They do not run on a back-end engine that is already reviewed (e.g. MediaWiki, Wordpress).

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